Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia

Damjana Grobelšek

Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Head of Beekeeping academy of Slovenia Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia Beekeeping Knowledge Transfer Heads of Department +386 (0)1 280 51 05

Work experiences

My formal education is the veterinary medicine. I was interested in beekeeping during the study period, after which I was trained for veterinarian practitioner for bee health. Work and research experience were gained at the National Veterinary Institute (NVI), where I was a member of the bee health working group for more than 10 years, performed laboratory work, participated in research and development tasks in the veterinary praxis of bee health and was head of the main NVI office.

Collaboration on projects

Participation in project research tasks under the Regulation on the implementation of the Program of measures in the field of apiculture

Short CV

2007 - 2008 UL - VF, NVI; Institute of Pathology, Wild Animals, Fish and Bees / working in Laboratory for Pathology and TSE

2008 - 2016 UL - VF, NVI;  Business associate in main NVI office, bee health working group of NVI expert council, veterinarian bee practice

2016 - 2018 UL - VF, NVI; The main NVI office; head of main NVI office

Scientific area and expert work

Beekeeping knowledge transfer


- Slovenian Academic Beekeeping Society
- Veterinary Chamber of Slovenia; Veterinarians in education, research, diagnostics and industry section