»PURE - Pesticide Use-and-risk Reduction in European farming systems with Integrated Pest Management «

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Duration: march 2011 – march 2015
Leading partner: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) - National Research Council, Italy
Backround: PURE will provide integrated pest management (IPM) solutions and a practical toolbox for their implementation in key European farming systems (annual arable and vegetable, perennial, and protected crops) in which reduction of pesticide use and better control of pests will have major effects.

  • To complement available information on the relative weights of the most critical pest problems in maize grain systems and design IPM solutions.
  • To identify with the involvement of stakeholders, including SMEs, and assess to ex-ante candidate IPM solutions that address the most critical pest problems and that are selected for field experimentation.
  • To test on-station and validate on-farm IPM solutions.
  • To provide experimental data for construction and validation of a DSS for weed control in maize.
  • To assess ex-post and compare, on a multi-criteria basis, specific candidate IPM solutions after their real-life test, and finally, to endorse them as viable solutions for dissemination.

More information: Robert Leskovšek