Jurka Lesjak

Asistent Department of Agricultural Ecology and Natural Resources soil, pedology, land use, environmental protection Researchers +386 (0)1 280 51 13 jurka.lesjak@kis.si

Work experiences

  • Avgust 2018 – Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
  • January 2018 – NewGenAgr, Ireland, Northern Ireland
  • December 2015 – July 2017 RHC, London
  • Feburary 2015 – July Celzija d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Professional training

  • Certificate in Nutrition Farming (Graeme Sait, Joel Williams), November, 2017
  • Writing Scientific Papers (Dr. Gustavo Slafer), June, 2014

Collaboration on projects

  • 2016-2020 EC, Interreg III, Alpine Space: Linking Alpine Soil Knowledge to Sustainable Ecosystem Management (Links4Soils)
  • CRP V4-1628 " Monitoring soil organic carbon stock on agricultural and forestry soil for reporting purposes on the National Carbon Balance of Slovenia " (SN 41628);
  • Public Procurement, Soil organic matter stock in Slovenia (SN 17022).

Short CV

My professional path began at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, where I gained my basic knowledge in agriculture, and continued in Chile, with a Master in Plant Sciences (Republic of Chile), at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences - University of Austral de Chile in Valdivia.

I am a passionate advocate of responsible work with and for the soil. I am developing my research and professional work in the fields of sustainable land use, agricultural ecology and plant nutrition. I believe that practical research is crucial for developing new, more effective sustainable agriculture practice.

Scientific area and expert work

Soil, soils as a natural ecosystem, soil properties, sustainable land use and sustainable farming practices.

Selected publications

Lesjak, J.; Calderini, D.F. 2017. Increased night temperature negatively affects grain yield, biomass and grain number in chilean quinoa. Front. Plant Sci.,8, 352. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2017.00352

Geitner C., Freppaz M., Lesjak J., Schaber E., Stanchi S., D’Amico M., Vrščaj B. (ed.). 2019. Soil Ecosystem Services in the Alps: An introduction for decision-makers. Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana. https://alpinesoils.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019-1025_SoilEcosystemServicesInTheAlps-WEB.pdf