Agro-meteorological forecast

Current weather

  • Ljubljana
    • 20° Ljubljana
      Humidity: 55%
      Wind speed: 4km/h
    • 19° Maribor - letališče
      Humidity: 61%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 17° Celje
      Humidity: 76%
      Wind speed: 3km/h
    • 18° Murska Sobota
      Humidity: 66%
      Wind speed: 0km/h
    • 19° Novo mesto
      Humidity: 67%
      Wind speed: 4km/h
    • 18° Postojna
      Humidity: 68%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 22° Portorož - letališče
      Humidity: 62%
      Wind speed: 2km/h
    • 22° Nova Gorica
      Humidity: 56%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 15° Rateče
      Humidity: 65%
      Wind speed: 4km/h

Weather forecast for Slovenia

today 20.09. 9°/23°
Monday 21.09. 11°/24°
Tuesday 22.09. 14°/22°
Wednesday 23.09. 15°/23°
Thursday 24.09. 15°/23°
  • 20.09. - 22.09.
  • 23.09. - 25.09.
Data source: ARSO


With its research, expert and consulting work, the Agricultural Institute is contributing towards the development of Slovenian agriculture.

The Institute carries out its mission:

  • by developing and maintaining scientific excellence and independence, by optimally utilising and constantly updating the research capabilities and by cooperating with Slovenian and international research institutions in basic, applied and development research in agriculture,
  • by performing independent analytical and consultant services in the field of ensuring food security and environmental protection,
  • with interdisciplinary participation in the development of sustainable agricultural production,
  • by carrying out programmes of breeding and selection of agricultural plants and by preserving the diversity of genetic resources in the region of Slovenia,
  • by educating, training and encouraging innovative activities of employees,
  • by transferring knowledge into agricultural practice and consultation for end users,
  • by actively participating in educational processes of universities in the field of natural science,
  • by raising awareness of the public about the importance of agriculture, ecology and protection of the environment.