Agro-meteorological forecast

Current weather

  • Ljubljana
    • 26° Ljubljana
      Humidity: 42%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 25° Maribor - letališče
      Humidity: 39%
      Wind speed: 7km/h
    • 24° Celje
      Humidity: 48%
      Wind speed: 7km/h
    • 26° Murska Sobota
      Humidity: 36%
      Wind speed: 8km/h
    • 24° Novo mesto
      Humidity: 45%
      Wind speed: 7km/h
    • 23° Postojna
      Humidity: 46%
      Wind speed: 9km/h
    • 29° Portorož - letališče
      Humidity: 34%
      Wind speed: 12km/h
    • 28° Nova Gorica
      Humidity: 42%
      Wind speed: 9km/h
    • 22° Rateče
      Humidity: 45%
      Wind speed: 5km/h

Weather forecast for Slovenia

today 04.07. 16°/27°
Sunday 05.07. 15°/30°
Monday 06.07. 17°/31°
Tuesday 07.07. 15°/21°
Wednesday 08.07. 12°/25°
  • 04.07. - 06.07.
  • 07.07. - 09.07.
Data source: ARSO


The library offers a wide selection of Slovenian and foreign specialised literature from the field of agriculture. The library material is intended mainly for researchers and co-workers at the Institute as well as other users (students, consultants, farmers, etc.).

The library is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm.

We kindly ask outside visitors to call the phone number +386 1 280 52 35 or +386 1 280 51 48 before visiting the library, or send us an e-mail at

We do not charge a membership fee for signing up at the library. Employed persons require a certificate of employment to borrow material; for other users, a personal ID document shall suffice. Students must submit a valid course record book or a student ID card for the time of borrowing the library materials. All submitted documents shall be kept until the materials are returned.

The books can be borrowed for 14 days, with the option of an extension.

Library materials such as magazines, diploma theses, doctoral dissertations and research assignments are only available for reading at the library. Lost or damaged materials have to be replaced with a new copy. If this is not possible, the user must refund the costs of copying and binding the copied material. Every user is personally responsible for the borrowed materials.

The library offers:

  • borrowing materials for taking home or reading at the library,
  • intra-library borrowing from Slovenia and abroad,
  • keeping a catalogue of monographs, serial publications and other materials.
  • providing information about the materials at the KIS library,
  • access to online information services and bibliographical databases,
  • keeping of bibliographies of the employees at the Agricultural Institute of  Slovenia.