Agro-meteorological forecast

Current weather

  • Ljubljana
    • 22° Ljubljana
      Humidity: 77%
      Wind speed: 4km/h
    • 21° Maribor - letališče
      Humidity: 82%
      Wind speed: 10km/h
    • 20° Celje
      Humidity: 93%
      Wind speed: 3km/h
    • 21° Murska Sobota
      Humidity: 82%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 23° Novo mesto
      Humidity: 88%
      Wind speed: 4km/h
    • 18° Postojna
      Humidity: 94%
      Wind speed: 6km/h
    • 25° Portorož - letališče
      Humidity: 70%
      Wind speed: 6km/h
    • 21° Nova Gorica
      Humidity: 94%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 19° Rateče
      Humidity: 83%
      Wind speed: 1km/h

Weather forecast for Slovenia

today 11.08. 18°/30°
Wednesday 12.08. 19°/28°
Thursday 13.08. 18°/30°
Friday 14.08. 18°/29°
Saturday 15.08. 18°/27°
  • 11.08. - 13.08.
  • 14.08. - 16.08.
Data source: ARSO

Storage of standard Samples

Storage of official standard samples of seed material is performed in accordance with the Law on Seed Material of Agricultural Plants and Law on the Protection of New Plant Varieties.

Among standard samples the following varieties are stored:

  • protected varieties and/or
  • varieties written in the Slovene List of Varieties and
  • varieties from the Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant and Vegetable Species required at the performance of official certification and post-control of seed material of agricultural plants.

Based on a parallel seeding of standard sample and tested sample of the same variety throughout the entire vegetation period maintainers are checked whether they maintain the variety in the way as to prevent any alteration of its properties and whether the seeding material released on the market is identical to the variety marked on its packing. Thus any final user of seeding material is assured that the seeding material of the variety that was bought is genuine. Standard samples are also used to verify the properties of varieties at official certification and at post-control of seeding material of agricultural plants.