At the Animal Production Department, we perform:

  • expert,
  • research,
  • development and
  • consulting work

in the fields of:

  • cattle production
  • pig production  and
  • apiculture.

In terms of content, we mostly emphasise:

  • the quality of animal products,
  • animal well-being,
  • environmental protection,
  • adapting animal production to climate changes,
  • economic use of natural resources,
  • sustainable aspects of animal production and
  • its competitiveness.


Besides providing expert support to the breeders in breeding and selective breeding, we also perform:

  • NIRS-analyses and evaluations of nutritional value of forage feed,
  • we assess carcass and meat quality,
  • we perform genetic analyses for checking the origin and discovering genetic defects in cattle,
  • honey analyses and
  • we develop and maintain:
    • online tools for supporting management on farms,
    • the national Govedo Central Database (Cattle) (CPZ Govedo),
    • a web-based application for diet calculation of dairy cows (Kokra) and
    • a web-based application for laboratories (LabKIS).


Infrastructure support for research and development work is provided by the following research laboratories:

  • Animal Nutrition Laboratory,
  • Laboratory for meat quality analysis,
  • Laboratory for NIR spectroscopy,
  • Apiary Laboratory and
  • Experimental Centre for Apiculture in Senično with a network of monitoring stations.