Agro-meteorological forecast

Current weather

  • Ljubljana
    • 25° Ljubljana
      Humidity: 68%
      Wind speed: 9km/h
    • 23° Maribor - letališče
      Humidity: 69%
      Wind speed: 10km/h
    • 25° Celje
      Humidity: 78%
      Wind speed: 2km/h
    • 24° Murska Sobota
      Humidity: 78%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 26° Novo mesto
      Humidity: 63%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 24° Postojna
      Humidity: 65%
      Wind speed: 8km/h
    • 29° Portorož - letališče
      Humidity: 52%
      Wind speed: 6km/h
    • 30° Nova Gorica
      Humidity: 50%
      Wind speed: 7km/h
    • 22° Rateče
      Humidity: 69%
      Wind speed: 4km/h

Weather forecast for Slovenia

today 15.08. 17°/27°
Sunday 16.08. 17°/29°
Monday 17.08. 18°/29°
Tuesday 18.08. 17°/26°
Wednesday 19.08. 17°/23°
  • 15.08. - 17.08.
  • 18.08. - 20.08.
Data source: ARSO

Conference Science and Practice in Agriculture

Grad Jable, Grajska cesta 1, Loka pri Mengšu

Grad Jable

Grad Jable

The CropSustaIn project Final conference was organised on 23rd of September, 2015 on the Castle Jable, Loka pri Mengšu, Slovenia. 90 participants from research institutions, faculties, agricultural advisory service, Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia, trade and other companies associated with agriculture attended the conference.

Examples of co-operation between science, research and practice in tropical areas, Denmark and Slovakia were presented by invited lecturers from United Kingdom, Denmark and Slovakia. The work of the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia was described by the representative of this institution, the work and financing of Agricultural Institute of Slovenia by its director and the achievements of the project CropSustain by the project coordinator.  Project Agrotur as an example of efficient knowledge transfer to local producers at Karst cross-border region, the role of Slovene plant gene bank at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia in plant breeding as well as new varieties bred at Agricultural Institute of Slovenia were shown by the lecturers from Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. The conference ended with a fruitful discussion.