Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia

Slovenians are beekeepers in generally. Beekeeping in Slovenia has a special status of agricultural activity. Due to its treasury and specialty, Slovenian beekeeping is internationally highly valued.
Apis mellifera carnica is the second most common type of bee in the world.

The aim of the Academy is to respond to the interests in knowledge about Slovenian beekeeping that has been shown from abroad.

The goals of the Beekeeping Academy of Slovenia (BAS):
• to improve knowledge of beekeeping in the international space,
• to increase the promotion of Slovenia, Slovenian beekeeping and tourism,
• to improve employment opportunities
• to raise awareness of the importance of bees and pollination.

An innovative, thematically focused approach, that encourages candidates to creative thinking is a feature of PBE (problem based education) of the learning method offered by the BAS.

BAS is a part of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS) and is located in Ljubljana at the headquarters of the AIS.
BAS is legally defined by Agriculture Act (ZKme-1E).