Agro-meteorological forecast

Current weather

  • Ljubljana
    • 18° Ljubljana
      Humidity: 77%
      Wind speed: 4km/h
    • 18° Maribor - letališče
      Humidity: 69%
      Wind speed: 20km/h
    • 17° Celje
      Humidity: 81%
      Wind speed: 3km/h
    • 18° Murska Sobota
      Humidity: 81%
      Wind speed: 11km/h
    • 17° Novo mesto
      Humidity: 84%
      Wind speed: 5km/h
    • 18° Postojna
      Humidity: 75%
      Wind speed: 14km/h
    • 25° Portorož - letališče
      Humidity: 48%
      Wind speed: 26km/h
    • 24° Nova Gorica
      Humidity: 52%
      Wind speed: 12km/h
    • 14° Rateče
      Humidity: 86%
      Wind speed: 3km/h

Weather forecast for Slovenia

today 05.08. 14°/22°
Thursday 06.08. 15°/26°
Friday 07.08. 16°/29°
Saturday 08.08. 17°/30°
Sunday 09.08. 17°/30°
  • 05.08. - 07.08.
  • 08.08. - 10.08.
Data source: ARSO

Seed laboratory


At the seed laboratory seed sampling and seed testing of agricultural plants, forest plants and flowers are performed.

All the analyses are performed following the methods of ISTA (International Seed Testing Associaton), of which the laboratory at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia has been member since 1956.

Since 2005 Institute's laboratory is the only one in Slovenia with an international ISTA accreditation (ISTA accreditation standard for laboratories sampling and performing seed analyses) authorised by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food for sampling and performing of analyses of seed quality of all plant species found on the ISTA list.

Seed laboratory is a member of ENGL (EuropeanNetworkof GMO Laboratories), dealing with testing of genetically modified organisms (details are presented under item 2 of the main menu).

Seed quality analyses are performed to cover the following requirements:

  • national production of the Slovene seed production firms,
  • international trade within and outside EU,
  • inspection services of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection,
  • any natural or legal person.

Fields of work

  • Accredited services:
  • sampling of seed lots,
  • moisture content,
  • purity (share of pure seed, seed of other plant species and inert matter),
  • germination (share of normally developed germs, abnormal germs, non-germinated seeds),
  • seed of other plant species in an average sample (number),
  • weight of 1.000 seeds,
  • tetrazolium test (biochemical rapid test to detect seed vitality),
  • determination of genetically modified organisms (GMO, details are presented under item 2 of the menu Services).
  • Other services:
  • calibration of seed using sieves (determination of fractions),
  • cold test (stress test for maize seed at low temperature and high moisture content),
  • verification of variety genuineness and purity of seed material,
  • genetic analyses of seed (details are presented under item 2 of the menu Services),
  • performance of physical analyses of forage sample quality and samples for milling industry