Animal Nutrition, Animal Feed and Environment

The research in the field of the ruminant nutrition and feedstuffs is focused on studying the quality of forages, with an emphasis on the utilisation of energy and protein and economic use of local resources. We study various factors that affect the course of fermentation of feed in the silo and the nutritional value and aerobic stability of silages. We also study factors that affect the quality of hay. We devote special attention to fodder plants adapted to drought conditions as well as to animal feedstuffs affected by adverse weather conditions such as drought, hail and floods. We ensure the updating of national animal feed standards and methods of animal feed evaluation. The majority of research is at least partially focused on the issue of environmental protection, mainly from the viewpoint of decreasing the pollution of the environment with nitrogen. This also includes researching the content level of macro and micro elements in animal feedstuffs.

We participate in managing the national inventory of greenhouse gases and various air pollutants (ammonia, NO2, volatile organic compounds, etc.) and in preparing the national nitrogen and phosphorous balance. As part of these tasks, we are responsible for preparing the national methodology, and we also participate in preparing reports, operational programmes, etc. In relation to water conservation, we study the possibilities of the use of hygienisation of liquid livestock manures in the most narrow water protection areas.

For various clients, we perform NIRS analyses of maize silages, grass silages and hay. We also prepare expert opinions for inspection animal feed samples.  Our consultation work is mainly focused on the field of silage making , cattle feeding and environmental protection. We also offer users a web-based application for managing the feeding of dairy cows - KOKRA.