After it was reorganised in 2013, the Department of Fruit Growing and Viticulture was renamed the Department of Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Oenology. Besides business premises and laboratories at the head office of the Institute in Ljubljana, we also have 16.79 ha experimental orchard for fruit growing in Brdo pri Lukovici and 2.51 ha experimental plantation of blueberries in Drenov grič. In accordance with the requirements of Slovenian fruit growers, winegrowers and winemakers, our activities are divided into research, expert and market activities. The majority of our work is performed as part of expert tasks and international and Slovenian projects. An important part of the department is also the production of quality fruit (apples, pears, small fruits) according to the guidelines for integrated and organic production. Our work is very interdisciplinary, since it encompasses cooperation with other departments of the Institute (joint use of modern analytical instruments) and Slovenian and international research and expert institutions. We demonstrate the quality of our work with the obtained standards for operations (ISO 9001), and we are certified for integrated and organic production in accordance with the good agricultural practice (GAP). With our research and expert work, we contribute towards the quality and competitiveness of the production of Slovenian fruit, grapes and wine.