We are involved in various projects, covering both Apis and non-Apis bees.

Current projects

  • ARRS CRP V4-1807 Damages in beekeeping aims at defining the economical consequences due to various natural and non-natural agents. The project will also suggest mitigating actions that should be taken by stakeholders to minimize the damages
  • Prototyping of genotyping approach in selection of carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica). Co-financed by Republic of Slovenian and European Regional Development Fund
  • EFSA Potential exposure of bumblebees and other wild pollinators to pesticides in spraying in the early morning and evening is commenced in partnership with National Institute of Biology.

Past projects

  • ARRS CRP V4-1605 Effects of hops beta-acids for varroa control hops beta acids were tested as an alternative to synthetic miticides.
  • ARRS CRP V4-1622 Importance of wild pollinators was studied in partnership with the National Institute of Biology. The project focused on the importance of wild pollinators in the fruit-production chain and as back-up for honey bees in case of unsuitable weather.
  • ERA-NET SusAn BPractices is concerned with good beekeeping practices (GBP) and the traceability of the products.