Collections at the Plant Gene Bank

The Plant Gene Bank at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia stores more than 3200 genetic resources of crops that were collected in the various regions of Slovenia in the last 25 years. Genetic resources are divided into the following collections: field crops (potato, corn, wheat, etc.), grain legumes (beans, broad bean, etc.), fodder plants (grass, clovers, herbs, etc.), vegetable crops (lettuce, cabbage, etc.), grapevines and fruit varieties. Besides the above, the Gene Bank of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia also stores other Slovenian varieties that through an intensive programme of breeding, which began immediately after the Second World War, were bred at the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. Individual collections are supplemented with new genetic resources every year.

Zastopanost genskih virov po zbirkah kmetijskih rastlin v Genski banki Kmetijskega inštituta Slovenije