Animal feed

By knowing the quality of animal feed, we can importantly affect the health of animals and the successfulness of rearing.

We can identify the chemical composition of bulky animal feed (corn, grass, alfalfa, cereal silage and hay) with the help of NIRS or Weende analysis. We also evaluate the energy and protein value for dairy cows, fat stock or other domestic animals. Only with this data can animal nutrition experts put together a well-balanced meal for the animals.

In bulky animal feed (hay, silage), besides basic components, we also identify the content of volatile and non-volatile organic acids, content of neutral and acid detergent fibres, pH values, buffer capacity, etc.

In simple animal feed and compound feed, besides the Weende analysis (moisture, crude proteins, crude fibres, crude ash, crude fat), we also analyse total sugar, starch, water-soluble chlorides, trace and major elements, amino acids, mycotoxin zearalenone and residue of chlorinated pesticides.


Analysis Methods

A RECEPTION SHEET must be filled out when submitting a sample for analysis of animal feed.


For animal feed, in 2002 we obtained accreditation through the French accreditation committee COFRAC. This was transferred to the Slovenian Accreditation in 2011. We are accredited for the parameters of quality, trace and major elements and analyses of vitamins A and E.

The service quality is ensured with the use of modern measuring equipment that we regularly check and calibrate ourselves or with the help of authorised institutions. We use labour standards and control charts and other tools that enable constant control of quality of obtained results, we perform constant internal and external education of staff and we regularly and successfully participate in internationally recognised inter-laboratory comparisons (BIPEA, EUPT CF).


We have been designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia as the national reference laboratory for analyses of the residue of pesticides in animal feed.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia has designated us as an official laboratory intended for performing laboratory analyses of the quality of animal feed, additives in animal feed and residue of pesticides in animal feed.

Contact Persons

dr. Špela Velikonja Bolta, univ. dipl. kem., tel.: + 386 1280 51 66

mag. Vida Žnidaršič Pongrac, univ. dipl. kem., tel.: + 386 1 280 51 62

mag. Veronika Kmecl, univ. dipl. inž. kem., tel.: + 386 1 280 51 64