Soil is an important part of the environment and from the perspective of animal feed and food production is of key importance to humans. It supplies plants with water and nutrients, acts as a filter for groundwater, is a living environment for various organisms and is simultaneously also the source of raw materials such as clay, sand, stone and peat. The field of soil is regulated by the Environmental Protection Act and regulations in the field of soil protection. The Agrochemical Laboratory performs analyses with the purpose of determining soil fertility and the related need for fertilisation and liming and determining soil pollution.

Analysis Methods

Soil Analyses

A RECEPTION SHEET must be filled out when submitting a sample for soil analysis.


As in other fields of analysis, our soil analysis also ensures quality of services by using modern measuring equipment that we regularly check and calibrate ourselves or with the help of authorised institutions. We use reference materials and calibration standards with guaranteed traceability, internal reference materials, control charts and other tools that enable constant on-line quality control of the obtained results. We perform constant internal and external education of staff, and we regularly participate in internationally recognised inter-laboratory comparisons (BIPEA, WEPAL-ISE).

In the field of soil analysis, in 2007 we obtained the accreditation from COFRAC. In 2012, this was transferred to the Slovenian Accreditation in accordance with EA policy (accreditation document LP-020).


Since 2010, we have been authorised by the Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) for monitoring the pollution of soil, namely for sampling soil together with a terrain description, analysis of basic pedological parameters (dry weight/water, pH, organic carbon, total nitrogen and soluble forms of nitrogen) and analyses of heavy metals (copper - Cu, zinc - Zn, cadmium - Cd, chromium - Cr, nickel - Ni and lead - Pb).

Contact Persons

mag. Vida Žnidaršič Pongrac, univ. dipl. kem., tel.: + 386 1 280 51 62 (odgovorni analitik)

mag. Veronika Kmecl, univ. dipl. kem. inž., tel.: + 386 1 280 51 64 (analize mineralnih oblik dušika v tleh)

dr. Helena Baša-Česnik, univ. dipl. kem., tel.: + 386 1 280 52 49 (analize ostankov pesticidov v tleh)

Price list for soil analyses