Oenological Laboratory

The Oenological Laboratory performs two basic activities: analyses of wine and spirit drinks for external clients (issuing certificates for trade with wine, reports of spirit drinks testing and individual analyses) and research work as part of European or regional projects and assignments.

Analyses of Wine and Spirit drinks for External Clients

The Oenological Laboratory has been named by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia as an authorised organisation for assessing wine and other products made of grapes and wine (Official Gazette of the RS, 192/2002). It is authorised for issuing certificates for the wine trade in Slovenia, for control of imported wines and for issuing documents for wine export.

The Oenological Laboratory has also been designated as an organisation authorised for determining the conformity of spirit drinks quality for the purposes of official control or inspection (Official Gazette of the RS, 44/2004).

Contact: tel.: + 386 1 280 51 58