The Experimental Orchard in Brdo pri Lukovici

The experimental orchard in Brdo pri Lukovici covers 16.8 ha, of which 14.9 ha is apple plantations. It is intended for performing expert work in the field of fruit growing and protection of plants against diseases and pests, basic and applied research and testing new technological measures in fruit growing. The orchard also includes a collection of more than 400 various varieties of apples, pears, nashi, cherries, plums, edible nuts and small fruits. The collection, which in terms of the number of collected varieties of fruit plants is the largest in Slovenia, is intended for performing tests as part of the expert work in fruit growing and represents a valuable collection of genetic material in the field of fruit science. The orchard occasionally also serves as a venue for various meetings of fruit experts; it is regularly visited by agronomic consultants, fruit experts and students . It also serves as a venue for organised expert excursions for fruit growing societies and annually for more than ten groups of scholars who spend a natural science day here . Every year, we also organise a well-known Open Day. Everybody finds the experience of our fruit experts very valuable, since they are striving to adhere to environmentally-friendly  integrated and organic fruit production.

The experimental orchard in Brdo pri Lukovici. A section of the orchard that is planted with newer apple varieties.


Roman Mavec, head of the orchard

T: + 386 1 723 67 33

M: + 386 31 537 449

F: + 386 1 280 52 55