Documentation for Export

At the Oenological Laboratory, we prepare export documentation for all wines that were controlled in our laboratory and for which certificate for wine trade was issued. The certificates for quality or superior quality wines and the export documents that are issued to the producer by the Oenological Laboratory of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia are valid for the export into EU countries. Thus, there is no need to repeat wine physico-chemical analyses and the data are copied from the already issued certificates. Therefore, the issuing of export documentation is also fast.

The price for export documentation excluding VAT for:

  • 1-3 samples amounts to EUR 10.00,
  • 4-10 samples EUR 14.50,
  • more than 10 samples EUR 19.00 and
  • confirming documents for export EUR 3.00.

We also prepare documentation for exporting wines into third countries (outside the EU) but warn of the possibility of the additional analyses requirement that might be demanded by the import countries (e.g. determining of sorbic acid content for export to Japan). For additional questions, you can call us at +386 1 280 51 60.